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Smart Games Castle Logic (3-7 years) - 5414301513216
By  fadz....23 Jun 2017   |  
my daughter enjoy it. it helps to develop her logical thinking
Smart Games Colour Code (5-99 years) - 5414301513476
By  fadz....23 Jun 2017   |  
one of best puzzle game for my child. they love it
开心乐龙龙 十万个为什么 [珍藏版] / Happy Dragon 100000 Whys Collection Set (Issue 1-10)
By  rajahbo....21 Jun 2017   |  
很不错的卡通漫画。我的小孩很喜欢, 因为他可以从漫画里可以学习到好多科学的知识。他已经收藏接近三十本“开心乐龙龙”。
Lebensstil Kollektion Microwave Oven - LKMW2301SS
By  ik....21 Jun 2017   |  
Prompt response, collected next day after order date. Unboxed and noticed there's stained marks - not able to wipe it off with damp cloth. Not stable as the microwave oven would move if pressure is put on one side. Door a bit hard to open, haven't tried using it but its design looks sleek & clean.
Takada 2-Slice Sandwich Maker - TK-7
By  janinecast....21 Jun 2017   |  
fast delivery, received item in just 2 days. sandwich maker is working well. Tried and tested several times.
Moto M 5.5iNch [4GB+32GB] FREE Bluetooth Headset + 32GB Card + Power Bank
By  p....21 Jun 2017   |  
Fast delivery, proper packaging. Product conditions looks great and ok after 1st use.
Bosch 86pcs X-Line Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set - 2607019601
By  low.kin.z....21 Jun 2017   |  
Great product with seal..............................................
HOCO 2 USB Charger UH205
By  j....20 Jun 2017   |  
Worth buying..value for money! Thanks for the free shipping promo ._.
Signature Snack Low Carb Mix (140g)
By  j....20 Jun 2017   |  
Going nuts....over nuts! Fresh and yummy! Just love it!
HOCO 2 USB Charger UH205
By  cheongchuan....20 Jun 2017   |  
A replacement charger which enable to fulfill the user's needs with cheap price. 2 outputs with 1.0A and 2.1A (advertised as 2.4A on packagging).. but overall it enable to charge my device like bluetooth headset, smartwatch and etc without any problem..

extreme slow shipping speed for this product.. order placed on 7th June, Superbuy shipped on 15th June and i received on 19th June.
KSCAT Bone Condution Bluetooth Headset - Nice5
By  cheongchuan....20 Jun 2017   |  
this headset is suit for those who like to jogging outdoor.. u can enjoy your music while you are still attention to the surrounding.

the boss packaging is good but my unit package was opened which is not sealed nicely.. but the device is function well so im okay with it then. shipping is fast.. overall like this.. really have different feeling with this bone conduction headset.
Deuter Security Wallet II - 3942116
By  shahrill.alh....19 Jun 2017   |  
Easy to use for me during my UMRAH. Light dan very reliability for it purpose.
Pensonic 16 Inch Stand Fan - PSF-60S
By  tgu....19 Jun 2017   |  
Satisfy with the product function.
A minus point is the glue contamination at the cable.
In general, a good product
[2016 Edition] Bodum Caffettiera Coffee Maker (Assorted Colours)
By  jessie....19 Jun 2017   |  
Received item wrapped with layers of bubble, and in a steady box. Good packing.
It is so easy to make a cup of coffee now in the early morning. step 1) boil water 2) pour in a scoop of coffee ground into the Maker step 3) pour in boiled water, and press. Ta-laa, coffee is ready to serve. The mesh separates the coffee ground 100%, so there is no excuse to not making your own coffee now.
Zojirushi 480ml One-Touch Mug - SM-SA-48
By  beeching....19 Jun 2017   |  
First time bought at Superbuy. Was impressed by its parcel packaging which give full protection to the item. 100% authentic and great to have 2+ 3 years warranty. Had registered online and successful. Besides, thanks for the freebie like mug cover and tag.
Snapware Eco-Grip 600ml Glass Bottle Green - SN-EG500-GR
By  wend....19 Jun 2017   |  
I received the order in a nicely packed package and it was very well packed too due to the fragility of the item. Opening it was a joy - like opening a present for myself (which I ordered..LOL).
Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier
By  kairulam....19 Jun 2017   |  
The product is compact as the name suggests, very suitable to be used in car. Installation is easy and the purifier is working at low noise. Can't quite comment on the effectiveness of the purifier as I've only been using it for about a week. But, greatly recommended for car user.
KINPS Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable 2m
By  lnlimvi....18 Jun 2017   |  
I claim the cable using Maybank treat points, the cable received within 3 days in good working condition and meet my expectation. Product is tough and I believe it will be more durable compare to original apple lightning cable.
VS Sassoon 2000W Pro Dryer VS-53H
By  sh....14 Jun 2017   |  
Very prompt service. Goods received in good condition with proper packing. Recommended for purchase order.
Thermos 1.80L Stainless Steel Ultra Light Black Food Container - JBG-1800
By  benten....14 Jun 2017   |  
The heading is misleading. Disappointed that all the three food containers inside are not Stainless Steel. Should have checked the Q & A section first. The top lid is also not steel but only the inside. My earlier Thermos purchase was good, Thermos 1.00L Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle - FFW-1000 but this is a disappointment.
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